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Due to some change in environmental conditions, various health issues are also increasing day by day. pollution that is has increased due to human activities, is now giving out the adverse effects not only on humans but also on other living things. Many serious problems like cancer, tumors etc. have increased with increase in pollution. Various skin related problems are also increasing. With the depletion of ozone layer there are many chances that whenever we go out in sun, the harmful radiations that come from sun can harm our skin. So it is recommended by many dermatologists that to apply the best suited creams and sunscreen everyday day on your face and other body parts that are out in sun and pollution. 

There are various reasons for the skin related problems that are listed below:

  • Bacteria trapped in skin pores: sometimes there are chances that our skin comes in contact with bacteria and that bacteria get trapped in the skin and start growing there. their growth inside out skin pores can cause many problems to the skin. These bacteria are present in air or on something, we it comes in contact with skin, gets trapped there.
  • Weekend immune system: sometimes it is our immune system that is not so strong to fight against any type of infection causing microorganism. Weekend immune system can be due to the low diet that a y person follows or it be due to lack of vitamin d in our body. The lack of vitamin d in the body attracts many skin diseases. The solution to this problem is to have more of healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.
  • Genetic factors: due to some genetics issues inside our body is also responsible for the skin related problems. It is the imbalance of hormonal system that cause problems to our skin. Major skin problem suffered by many people because of this genetic issue is Acne. It is possible that bad acne can give scars on face or on the body that are difficult to heal back.
  • Contact with allergens or other infected person: it is also possible that the skin relate problem arise whenever we come in contact with any person that is suffering from that particular problem. Like chicken pox is one of the best problem that is very contactable disease and passes from one person to another.

The solution to these skin related problems are ketomac cream. The ingredients of ketomac cream in hindi are also available, so that people can be more aware about them. It is one of the best cream that can help you to keep your face clean ad your skin healthier. Not only cream even shampoo of this brand are also available that for the hair related problems. It prevents your skin from any bacteria or fungus to grow on the skin. Before using this cream, first wash your face properly and then apply a thin firm layer on the areas that is infected. Do not cover it with any bandage stuff. Ketomac antifungal cream that prevents your skin from problem causing microorganisms.

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