Fungal infections are a common occurrence and some of the known ones are ring worms, athlete’s foot or is it yeast infections. You can always opt for the best anti- fungal cream for skin, but there are some effective home remedies as well.  The fungal infections should never be overlookedContinue Reading

The no scars cream price is very much genuine as compared to the benefits it Helps to provide. This is the most common thing used to treat the issue of scars among the people. The most common Ingredient of the cream is hydroquinone which helps in inhibiting the melanin production and hasContinue Reading

Dyspepsia or indigestion is a common type of stomach discomfort. It is a chronic disease in which the symptoms fluctuate frequently for many months or years. Most people with indigestion experience abdominal pain and discomfort. Sensation usually occurs immediately after consuming heavy food or drink. Dyspepsia can make a personContinue Reading

Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer occurs when cells in the patient’s body start to grow uncontrollably. Stomach cancer is different from other cancers like cancer of liver, colon, pancreas or small intestine. Stomach cancer develops over many years as before cancer develops, some early changes occur inContinue Reading

Dengue Fever

India in 2015, recorded a total of 99,913 incidences of dengue, out of which there were nearly 220 deaths. Dengue flourishes in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world including Asia, parts of the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa. It is one of the fastest-growing mosquito-borne diseases in theContinue Reading

ketomac cream

Due to some change in environmental conditions, various health issues are also increasing day by day. pollution that is has increased due to human activities, is now giving out the adverse effects not only on humans but also on other living things. Many serious problems like cancer, tumors etc. haveContinue Reading