Dengue Fever

India in 2015, recorded a total of 99,913 incidences of dengue, out of which there were nearly 220 deaths. Dengue flourishes in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world including Asia, parts of the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa. It is one of the fastest-growing mosquito-borne diseases in theContinue Reading

ketomac cream

Due to some change in environmental conditions, various health issues are also increasing day by day. pollution that is has increased due to human activities, is now giving out the adverse effects not only on humans but also on other living things. Many serious problems like cancer, tumors etc. haveContinue Reading

Do you give much attention to your skin? What do you do to ensure that your skin is safe and healthy? There are many things that you can do to ensure that your skin is safe, clean, shiny and effective. After all, everyone wants to own skin that is freeContinue Reading

seniors having phun and taking selfies

There’s a common misconception that the elderly people aren’t too fond of technology or that they’re slow to embrace them. Sure, their tech-savviness can never measure to that of the Gen Z who was practically born with a smartphone in their hand, however, technology leads to progress and progress alwaysContinue Reading

Kidney Transplant in India

Transplantation of organs can save the lives of many. However, the result and quality of life after the transplantation depends on the quality of surgery too. Organ transplants are famous in India in terms of quality, adding the number of years to experience after the surgery and also the lowerContinue Reading

Types of Dental Implants in India

Since dental implants change the tooth root, they create the stability required to keep up your jawbone and possess considerably stronger teeth that remain in position and do not move around. You’ll Look 10 Years Younger – Cosmetic Dentistry help you in feeling and looking younger, since they stop boneContinue Reading

How to Protect Your Teeth from Cavities

People nowadays are so busy with their professional life they tend to forget about their health altogether.  If you don’t take proper care of your teeth, it can lead to severe issues for you. Cavities are holes on the surface of your teeth, which develop due to damage. It isContinue Reading

Cancer Immunotherapy

The introduction of modern technology has been a boon as well as a bane for people all over the world and of all ages. Smartphones have increased convenience to communicate known people and to stay in touch at all times. But, at the same time, it has only increased health-relatedContinue Reading

CyberKnife Treatment for Cancer

CyberKnife treatment is a modern technology which enables non-invasive treatment of many kinds of cancers. It is the next big thing in cancer treatment. Many patients’ worldwide head to India for quality care and low CyberKnife treatment cost in India which is a fraction of that in their home countries.Continue Reading

Endoscope and Endoscopy

Endoscopy is a medical procedure to diagnose, treat and cure diseases inside the digestive track and down to the pancreas and colon. An endoscope is inserted through the mouth or the anus depending on the type of endoscopy to be performed on the patient. Surgical endoscopy is also carried outContinue Reading