Bride Used Donuts Instead Of Flowers for Her Wedding Day

Bride Used Donuts Instead Of Flowers for Her Wedding Day

Dessert boxes are made up of paperboard, and mostly of kraft paper, both of these are eco-friendly and recyclable. These boxes can be given any shape like a cube box, pillow box, window cut box, and many more. Intricate designs and size of the box is not an issue when it comes to customization as it can be made for a single to numerous items in the most efficient way.

Have you ever thought of doing something unique, extraordinary or crazy on your big day like having a flower shower, some unique decorations, or setting a superhero or your favorite series as a theme of your wedding?

No matter how much you are sure of having a unique wedding, there is nothing that can beat this most unique and extraordinary wedding that happened recently. It is not something that you can generally think of. There is a bride who secretly designed donut bouquets for her and her bridesmaids on her wedding day.

Yes! You have heard it right.

What made this possible is the thing to think about. Presentation!

The way things are presented in front of the audience is what matters the most in creating an everlasting image. An image, a memory, so sweet and memorable that becomes an amazing experience, and people remember or discuss it forever.

Products are packed in unique boxes that are printed in beautiful colors and designs that speak for the creator like no other person could have done. It clearly and visibly depicts the importance of packaging, and the way products are presented in front of the customers, especially when there is a lot of competition in the market.

Packaging & Presentation

The packaging is directly related to the presentation of the product at least in today’s world; if not in the past as in early times the purpose of packaging was to contain the product is something to deliver it to other places. The main purpose of packaging now is shifted from containment to presentation, which does not mean that protection can be neglected.

Everlasting Experience

Packaging not only gives an attractive appearance to the box or makes it look bright and colorful. Instead, it can be done to create an everlasting experience that let people feel overwhelmed.

A reasonable and ordinary thing can be made extraordinary if it is adequately packed and presented to the customers in a more alluring way. It is possible to create packaging designs that leave the customers spellbound. For example, use of brown boxes with watermark text and vibrant custom tapes, pastel packaging with bold and visible text, use of patterns in lines, floral, geometric, and other abstract designs with plain writing space and information, kraft paper boxes with custom stickers and personalized text can create a complete new and overwhelming aura for the customers.

It is written nowhere that attractive packaging is overdone packaging, messy designs, more colors, popping designs. You can create a piece of art being minimal and precise in a way that matches the theme or concept behind your brand, product, or service.

Imagine simple chocolate glazed donuts in a box in the hands of the bride and the bridesmaids. Instant turnover but this is not what happened at Kirk’s wedding. These donuts were custom made with the icing matching to the theme of the wedding, perfectly packed or arranged like a flower bouquet that created the whole difference and the appealing appearance of these donuts made this wedding memorable.

This is what you need for your product packaging, no matter what the product is and how does it looks like, create a packaging that can make it more special and representable. For instance, bakery boxes that have unique shapes like window cut that keep all the focus on the product.

Safety Alert

Designing is of no use if the packaging is not capable of keeping the product safe in the box. It is important to design the box according to the nature of the product as food items need packaging that is different from the boxes that are used to pack cosmetics or clothes. Dessert boxes differ with other products packaging in the material, type of printing, the information mentioned on the box and other details. Kraft paper is unbleached paper and does not contain chemicals that can affect the health of the consumers; it is lightweight yet strong that keep the product safe in the boxes.

Have you thought what would have happened or how embarrassing it must have been if the donuts have started falling in the middle of the wedding or while walking on the aisle?


What kept those donuts intact thorough out the whole wedding?


It was the packaging it was put into, which ensured the safety of the product and kept it safe and in place the whole time.

This is what adequate packaging is called.


Packaging must be strong enough in its designs, colors, shapes, and appearance that there must not remain the slightest need of making an extra effort to promote your packaging or the product. It is possible to achieve the level of such perfection and self-explaining if you know the needs and psyche of your target audience. Use to designs that hit the customers and builds a connection between the customers and the company or the product.

If you are running a bakery and want to create packaging that stands out in the market, it must be attractive, durable, and sturdy, functional, most importantly, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. All these things are attainable, thanks to the advancement in the field of packaging and printing industry. Custom-designed packaging boxes can be made in the most reasonable rates with the companies that offer products in wholesale. Wholesale companies are well known for providing high-quality cheapest packaging.

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