Breaking into the wedding photography business

Breaking into the wedding photography business. Some newbie tips

As long as people marry, wedding photographers will be provided with work. And although this business is far from new and the competition in it is quite big, there is always a chance to enter the market and get its client. And we will tell you how to do it.

Focus on communication skills

There are a ton of photographers now, some are more adept at handling the camera, some are less, and however, there are so many offers on the market that even the most technical performer may be out of work. What sets you apart from your colleagues is your customer communication skills. You must be:

  • Representative
  • Responsive
  • Honest

People perceive photos through the photographer, if they are located to you, then they will like your work and they will recommend you to their friends and acquaintances. Therefore, try to make a good impression on the client, give him emotions, and make the photo-shoot memorable. You can use JCPenney Credit Card Login to get a proper credit card according to your need.

Having shot several weddings, the photographer has not yet become an expert in this field. Like any other business, photography needs to be studied and studied. If you can’t do something, don’t know how, or don’t know how to do it, honestly admit it to your customers. Reporting is very fashionable right now, but do you have this skill? After all, a wedding is not an event that can be easily repeated, people hire a photographer and want to get a professional because there is no room for error. It’s better to lose the customer now than to get anti-advertising later. But you can always offer an alternative – your ideas, your style, emotions.

A few more things that should not be neglected:

  • Always fulfill your obligations. If you say that the photos will be ready in two weeks, then in two weeks you must provide the completed work, and not a day later.
  • Be punctual. If you say that you come to two, come no later than 5-10 minutes before the appointed time, do not allow yourself to linger and even later. When the photographer lingers on their wedding day, people go crazy with excitement. It will not benefit them, nor you, nor your work.

Put the best fighters on the front line and strengthen the rear

Three main words of any professional photographer: website, marketing, insurance.

Site. It would seem unnecessary to talk about the fact that every self-respecting photographer should have his website, but many neglect this necessity. Long gone are the days when there were few professional photographers, and people trusted only verbal recommendations from friends and acquaintances. Your site is your face. It should be simple, understandable and presentable. People first get acquainted with your work, style, and only after that, they decide to meet with you.

Marketing. Promote yourself in every way possible. First of all, it will, of course, be your Internet resource, your work. Use social networks, create several packages of offers for any wallet, invent stocks, write about yourself, about your work, about the little tricks of Indian Stock Photos of wedding photography, and you won’t notice how you will grow around fans and customers. And there, you look, you will earn on a full-scale advertising campaign on the Internet (if necessary).

Insurance. A small grain of sand can ruin even the most expensive lens. Trying to catch the best shot with the bride, you can accidentally break up an expensive service. What are you going to do? Few people think about this, but in other countries, people resort to insurance of working equipment and their civil liability. And if in Russia you can be forgiven for a service, then no one will refund the cost of the equipment and these expenses will entirely fall on your shoulders.

Equipment rent

A photographer needs a lot of equipment to do his job. And the equipment is expensive. It is not necessary to take a loan from a bank to buy everything you need. Take advantage of rental offers. So you can work with different techniques and understand which one you need constantly, and without which you can do. By the way, you can not only rent equipment but also rent it yourself to others. The extra income has not hurt anyone.


Make copies of everything. And we are talking now not only about photographs. You must have a backup camera, a lens, a tripod, several sets of batteries … You never know what might fail during the shooting. A wedding is not an event that will wait while you run and look for something to replace a failed flash.


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