Who Is The Actual Creator of BitTorrent?
Who Is The Actual Creator of BitTorrent
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Most of you might wonder to know the man behind the peer-to-peer exchange system. But do you know who is it? It’s Bram Cohen another computer programmer from America invented BitTorrent.

Who Is The Actual Creator of BitTorrent ?

File sharing made easy with the torrenting system. You’ve can easily download share large files over the internet as fast as possible. Bram invented a client software which can manage to download files. Originally knows as BitTorrent Client, was released 16 years ago on July 2, 2001.

Who Is The Actual Creator of BitTorrent?
Who Is The Actual Creator of BitTorrent?

Cohen was the son of a computer scientist. This made him get into the basics of computer programming at the age of 5. Later on, He dropped out of college to work for companies.

One of his project from 90’s known as MojoNation, Was the source to create Bit Torrent.

How Do Bit torrent Work

The mechanism here depends on seeds, peers, and leechers. First, you need to download Utorrent client on your computer and then start the download process using a torrent file or Magnet.

The uses who are yet downloading the same file share the content to you. Which means that the amount of data they downloaded will be shared by them to you. Without interrupting the server where the actual file is the store.

While a user shares the downloaded data to you pearly, The downloading process continues. Once the person completes the download process it becomes a SEED.

Seeder is a complete copy of the file.

Advantages Of BitTorrent

Using this network, Files can be downloaded faster. There will be no limits. Users can share huge files across others. One can share or download files shared by others.

DisAdvantages Of BitTorrent

Support has no much importance, Other than Windows operating system other systems have no support. Due negligence of DMCA notices users share loads of copyrighted content across the web.

Secure downloads need a subscription plan with the client.

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Is using BitTorrent illegal?

How do you use BitTorrent?


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