Best Tourist Places To Visit In Enchanting India

Best Tourist Places To Visit In Enchanting India

In India, West Bengal is the cultural place that contains the art, mountains, culture and natural beauty of the country. Here the Best Tourist Places To Visit can get all the folk themes of the eastern place of India.


Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal that was officially known Calcutta. This place is full of dramatic mysterious. Kolkata is the place of Rabindranath Tagore, the work inspiration of Mother Teresa. This city is called full of joy. Here you can find the most expensive hotels in India that can really amaze you.


The southernmost point of the Indian subcontinent, Kanyakumari 4 This city of Tamil Nadu is amalgamated with the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. In addition to the traditional ‘Vivekananda Rock Memorial’, there is a temple of the local goddess Kumari Amman, by which the city is named.


West Bengal, India, is part of the Sundarbans, which is the Best Tourist Places To Visit extends across India and Bangladesh as the largest mangrove forests in the world. In addition to the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, tourists gather to see numerous species of birds, including Chitra deer, saltwater crocodiles, keto turtles, crocodiles, and snakes. But it is better to skip the monsoon when you see the Sundarbans.

Azam Sharif:

Apart from the desert in Rajasthan, there are numerous religious places, one of which is the Dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Minuddin Chishti in Ajmer city, known as Azam Sharif. About one and a half million people go to this door every day to pray also, the musicians gather at this door to enjoy extraordinary songs.


In 1863, Rabindranath Tagore’s father Maharshi Debendranath Tagore founded an ashram called ‘Shantiniketan’ in Bolpur in West Bengal. In 1901, Rabindranath opened a school there, which later became a Visva-Bharati University On certain days of the year, such as spring festivals, Christmas festivals, Pusha Melas, tourists from all over the country travel to Kabiguru’s alternative education as well as spend time in the rabbinic environment.


Kerala’s natural beauty, known as the ‘Land of God’, is unparalleled on one side is the famous backwater or enclosed wetland, which has to be boarded on a ‘houseboat’ to enjoy. On the other hand, there are extensive tea gardens, Portuguese-influenced arts or historical synagogues of different communities. The best time to visit Kerala is between September and May.


According to mythology, if you do not see Banaras or Varanasi, the oldest city in the world, India is incomplete. When visiting the local temples and the Ganges, you can see Sarnath, the birthplace of Buddhism. If you have time in hand, you can leave the neighboring city of Lucknow. There is a famous Imambara and the labyrinth ‘Vulvulaiya’ Lucknow city food is also very popular.


Darjeeling city is one of the most popular for hill stations and Best Tourist Places To Visit in West Bengal. Darjeeling is a must go to see the unparalleled views of Kanchenjunga at sunrise. Also, there are sleepy Buddhist monasteries and many other sights.

The list of sites in India is very long In addition to the picturesque places, there are many other interesting places like Gir jungle, Sanchi stupa or Gomukh.

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