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Tencent’s gaming buddy aka PUBG emulator is one of the best sources to play PUBG mobile version on a computer for free. Making gamers to enjoy the game on their computers with the help of Keyboard and mouse controls. 

So before we get into the guide make sure to download and install the emulator and the game. Once you have these required resources then go ahead to apply some tweaks to the emulator.

Best Settings For Tencent Gaming Buddy | PUBG Emulator HIGH FPS

Now that the TGB (Tencent Gaming Buddy) and the game is installed on your computer, Launch the emulator and head towards the settings options. Before you make this done, make sure that your computer graphics and other required drivers are up to date.

PUBG Settings Center: GAME

Once the settings center dialogue box is opened, Go to Game Settings. In there you get the Game Resolution and Display Quality settings. So go ahead o the Game Resolution and change it to low as possible. And make the same in the Display quality section.

Best Settings For Tencent Gaming Buddy | PUBG Emulator HIGH FPS
Best Settings For Tencent Gaming Buddy | PUBG Emulator HIGH FPS

This makes your the emulator use low graphics of the computer and renders the objects in the game as fast than before.

PUBG Settings Center: BASIC

In the basic settings, you need to untick the option Run At Startup. This disables the emulator to start up whenever your windows system boots. On the next side make no changes in the Boss Key and other sections. If you like to change the location of Screen Captures, Then change the selection path according to your own choice.

PUBG Settings Center: ENGINE

Then go ahead to the ENGINE settings. This is the most important to make the game run free of lags and other delay issues. Here in the first section of the engine change the Rendering options to Smart Mode if your computer has a dedicated graphics card. Or else change it to OpenGL+ for the best gameplay.

In the next section Close the anti-aliasing and Dedicate the memory and the processor to Auto modes. Next, make the changes in the resolution according to the display size of your monitor and then change the DPI to 240 and save the changes.PUBG Settings Center: ENGINE

That’s it, Now you’re all set to run the gaming buddy without any lags or delay issues. Wrapping up, I hope you found this post working. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this guide on all your social walls.


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