English Learning Apps Android
English Learning Apps Android
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Learn to speak English fluently with these best android apps. Every one of us holds a smartphone these days. Most of which are android. Thus it makes android a secret part of our lifestyles. Using an Android smartphone lets you discover the world and educate yourself.

There are millions on the educational application on Google play store under various categories. and for those who want to learn to speak in English or for those who want to improve their English vocabulary, Here we share the 10 best apps to learn English vocabulary.

  • Which app is best for vocabulary?
  • What is the best way to learn English vocabulary?
  • How can I improve my vocabulary?
  • Which is the best Android app for learning English?

the best app for learning English speaking is here. One can learn English with these free apps. Having an android smartphone helps you learn to speak English with few apps. So what is the best app to learn English grammar? You might already search or raised this query “best vocabulary app quora“.

There are millions of search results appearing under the specific category “English vocabulary app free“. So to get rid of those million best app confusions, Here we share best English learning apps which you can download for free. Here we dive into our top list of learning English vocabulary apps.

Best App To Learn English Vocabulary || English Learning Apps Android

All the modern institutions migrated their basic source of education to the English language. Apart from it, Most of the modern web tools and other internet sources work with commands in English. This makes English an not only important but the basic source of learning. The English language is the global source of communication. So one can learn, teach or improve their English speaking and vocabulary skills with these English Learning Apps for Android.

Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Word GamesImprove English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Word Games

With over One Million plus downloads, The app “Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Word Games” is making its own path in teaching its users English vocabulary. The app works under few algorithms which help you learn English fluently and effectively.

The main pron of using this app is that it has inbuilt algorithms which a beginner needs.  Easy, Intermediate and advanced vocabulary builders are the main highlights. And another main highlight of this app is it game learning techniques. The app offers 12+ inbuild games which help you learn the English language.

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English Speaking Course

Loaded with different chapters and lessons the app “English Speaking Course” creates a new path to learn English fluently. The app enhances English speaking with native speakers, and word phrases in the native language(HINDI). With over 1M+ downloads “English Speaking Course” is being friendly for people in India.


LearnEnglish Grammar (UK edition)

English Learning Apps Android
English Learning Apps Android

This premium app to learn English is now available free for android users. So just go ahead and download this English learning application under UK edition. Now you might spot some difference here. English is not the same for every country. Each has its own version.

In the same sense, This app is for those learners who are dedicated to UK English. Developed and moderated by the British Council the app holds one million plus download with a 5-star rating on the google play store. The app offers different tasks and effective measures to learn english fluently.


Learn English Conversation

This will be the best English learning application for offline use. One can simply download the app and later use it without internet. The app offers the students to learn English with simple regular tasks, chattings and language exchanges. The app features a vocabulary game too.


Qlango: Learn languages easily

Qlango is your multi languangual application which lets you learn not only English, But you can also learn various foreign languages depending on individuals choice. The app offers to Learn  Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Albanian, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish, Portuguese, Greek, Lithuanian, Czech, Hungarian, Bolgarian, Finnish or English.


Wrapping up, These are our picked Best App To Learn English Vocabulary. Hope you found this post useful. Make sure to share the learning apps which you use in the comments section below. Do not forget to share this post on your social walls and help your friends to figure the best English learning app for them.


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