avengers endgame
avengers endgame
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Movie Story: After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the universe is in ruins.

With the assistance of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble all over again so as to undo Thanos’ actions and restore order to the universe
The story will start from Wakanda where the remaining heroes are still dealing with the loss of their dear one. They then go to the Avengers headquarters.
The scene will change to Titan where Tony and Nebulla will repair the spaceship and leave for Earth. In the middle they know that they are stuck and are going to eventually die. So Tony records his last words in his helmet showing his love and faith in Pepper Potts. He has lost all his hope and is waiting for his death when a light shines on him.

This light-weight is of Captain Marvel United Nations agency can eventually take them each to Earth to the Avengers Headquarters.
Tony has reunion with Pepper and remainder of Avengers.

Next we will see all the heroes getting acquainted with Captain Marvel.

Also Scott Lang somehow manages to be out of quantum realm and goes to fulfill Steve Rogers.
The Avengers get an inspiration of still reversing the devastation by move back in time.
They share this idea with Tony United Nations agency continues to be in hospital.

He tells them that now he will not fights and that he wants to spend rest of his life peacefully with Pepper.
Next the Avengers realize that they still need some more people with them in order to fight Thanos. They realize that Clint will help them. Natasha goes to recruit Clint and he agrees to fight Thanos as he lost his family in decimation. The team travels back in time.

They go into the recent Battle of recent royal family to avoid wasting the mind and house stone.

Meanwhile Tony sees his picture with Peter and decides to help the Avengers. He arrives in the battle with cap’s shield and his new armour. They manage to secure the two stones
Then they recover the time stone from Sanctum Sanctorum. Meanwhile in the present timeline, the stones start disappearing in Thanos’s gauntlet.

The Avengers currently attend retrieve power stone from Red os.

As they go there, Thanos’s ship arrives with the Black Order and Thanos’s army. But the Avengers are ready this time. They kill the Black Order and the army. Afterwards they all go together to fight Thanos who now has Infinity sword but this time defeat him. However Cap dies in the battle. They take the gauntlet and reverse the decimation effect. All the Avengers are there in Cap’s funeral.

In the last scene, Tony builds a farmhouse and lives there with Pepper and his son who is playing with Peter Parker where the remaining heroes call Peter.

Tony tells him to go and is shown to retire.

Captain marvel leads the new Avengers and Thor and banner set their home wherever Odin died.

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