Bhutan is a special country both culturally and environmentally. The average elevation of Bhutan is 8,000 feet over the sea level abundant in monasteries and also holy places. The nation choosing Gross National Joy over GDP, accepting the culture and also practices in the modern age, Bhutan is one-of-a-kindContinue Reading

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Career in Pharmacy

Talking about Pharmacy, the first picture comes in mind is chemist shop or a place where medicines are sold.  In actual terms pharmacy is the area of study in science which deals with dispenses, doses, preparation and effects of drugs or medicines. The pharmacy field basically a mixture of biology,Continue Reading

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Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer occurs when cells in the patient’s body start to grow uncontrollably. Stomach cancer is different from other cancers like cancer of liver, colon, pancreas or small intestine. Stomach cancer develops over many years as before cancer develops, some early changes occur inContinue Reading

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best discount broker in India

Traders all over the world invest in one or another type of security or share in order to earn a reasonable amount of profit upon investment. Stock exchange and the market provide a medium through which one can invest in securities easily and using a hassle-free process. Apart from stockContinue Reading

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Top 10 discount brokers India

Stock market investing has become a common medium using which an individual investor is able to invest in lucrative securities through which one can be sure of earning a reasonable amount of interest upon investment. An individual can hire the services of stock market brokers and other brokerage firms. StockbrokersContinue Reading

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