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Happy news for iPhone lovers, as iPhone is set to become even more powerful in terms of its features. As per the latest reports, users can now files up to 200 MB over the air on their iPhones. Apple has quietly increased its download limit from 150 MB to 200 MB from this week. This news has brought immense joy for iPhone users as it will help them in having a better browsing experience.

Earlier when you were trying to download a file on iPhone that exceeds 150 MB, you would have to connect to a WiFi to get the file downloaded. Before downloading the file iPhone used to check how large the file was, it you were not connected to a WiFi. Now iPhone users have found some relief to some extent, as they can download even bigger files without even being on a WiFi connection.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The new move by Apples has both advantages as well as disadvantages too. People might be facing risky situations, like downloading unwanted massive files unintentionally and the file gets downloaded even without being connected to a WiFi. Earlier, people needed to have a WiFi connection enabled for the downloading of massive files, even if it was an unintentional download. Those with unlimited data plans are contained within the same limit and actually they do not seem to have any great benefit from this.

The earlier download limit for iPhone was 150 MB and that was introduced way back in 2017. The download limit of App Store apps was up to 100MB over 3G or 4G cellular networks, during that time. While there are data limit cap in App Stores, Android does not have any such limits and users can freely spend their monthly data allotment for downloading large apps on cellular networks. The data limit cap helps in preventing huge file downloads by mistake and thereby protecting users from data overcharges.

While using iOS 13, it now shows a dialog box that warns about the large size of the app. This is to notify the users and the users can decide whether to download it on the spot or only when they are on a Wi-Fi connection.

There is a new option named “App Downloads” in iTunes and App Store and the default option is β€˜Ask if Over 200 MB’ along with other options such as “Always Allow” and “Ask First”.

Apple has not revealed any specific reason behind the increase in the download limit, but it is pretty clear that the growth in the App sizes over the years along with the size of the game updates might have prompted Apple for this move. Even though it is not a great increase, it can provide some kind of respite for Apple users.

User Responses

Apple fans all over the world have greeted this news with mixed responses and some feel that Apple should get rid of this data cap. Β Many hope that Apple will be withdrawing the data cap in the future so that the users can have a better experience.


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