Android Folder – Explained What Is ANDROID Folder On An SD Card
Android Folder – Explained What Is ANDROID Folder On An SD Card
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You might be aware of an ANDROID folder on an SD or Internal memory slot. Have you ever wondered what does this folder do? What happens if you’ve deleted this folder? Here in this guide, we share with you in brief about ANDROID folder on memory cards. 

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Android Folder – Explained | What Is ANDROID Folder On An SD Card?

Plethora questions arise with this folder. Most of us get stuck with a question like what isthe android folder? Use of android folder? etc related queries all about internal storage problems too.

So what the heck is ANDROID folder?

To check this, Just go to internal or external memory and in there you can easily find this folder. Inside the Android folder, You can find a bunch of other folders regarding the apps which you use on your device.

Android Folder – Explained What Is ANDROID Folder On An SD Card
Android Folder – Explained What Is ANDROID Folder On An SD Card

All the data of an app which is installed on your device will be found in this folder. Cache, Temp files, Images, Videos etc of a specific app are stored in an android folder under a specific folder which’s start with COM name.

So the ANDROID folder acts like a DATABASE for all the apps installed on your device. You can find all the content of the app inside android > data. Where you most encrypted files most.

For example when you download an offline video through YOUTUBE app. Then inside Android > Data > Find name YouTube > Files > Here you Find Offline Videos In Encrypted Format.

In the same sense, You can find all the images here for Hike messenger and etc apps. Only if they are not in encrypted formats.

So What Happens When You Delete Android Folder?

Most of you might wonder that deleting ANDROID folder might crash your android system But it’s ain’t the fact. Whenever you delete this folder your android system won’t crash.

The heck happens is that whenever you reboot your device or open a specific app this folder gets recreated automatically by the Android system itself. As this folder is one of the important system folders to store a database of apps.

In order to clean up interspace of the device, Many people simply delete this folder. But never do that. Deleting android folder might free up space but in most cases, you might lose your personal data also.

In the end, This was all about ANDROID Folder. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog rexoxer for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.


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