Android As Microphone
Android As Microphone
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Plethora youtube beginners want to use android as microphone for their computers and laptops. With this simple hack, One can adjust within their budgets and get free from high-end youtube setups.Β 

Use Android as microphone with your computer and record high quality audio for your next tutorial video. You’ve already know that there are plethora microphones for different purposes are available in the markets. But no one can define the quality provided by those microphones. As it completely depends on the Pitch Rates and the default configuration of individual.

So before you get into taught of buying a costliest microphone, Try to user your android as microphone. This maker your SETUP look simple and costs in low budget if you own an android handset.

How To Use Android As Microphone

So before we enter into the setup, There are few steps which you need to follow. The first setup here is to download and install an application from Google Play Store on your android device.

Step1: Go ahead to Google Play Store and in there search for “Wo Mic” and download/install the application.

Step2: Now go ahead to settings > developer options > In there TURN ON “USB Debugging“.

Step3: Open the Wo Mic android application which we had downloaded in the above step. In there go to > settings > transport > and make sure USB is checked.

You can also use Bluetooth or WiFi, But for the safest path here we move with USB cabble.

Step4: Start your windows computer and install the drivers for the application. Download and install the below drivers from the safe links aside.

Download Wo Mic Client and Driver

Step5: Open the Wo Mic Client on your computer and Connect your android using a USB cable. Then open the application Wo Mic and Click Start.

Step6: On the computer, Click on Connection tab and by choosing USB as the source connect your device.

Wo Mic Client

There you go, Once the connection is setuped, You have the access to Use Android As Microphone.

Conclusion: This was a simplest tutorial on using android as microphone with your pc. Hope you find this post useful. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this post on your social walls.

Android As Microphone For YouTube

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