Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

All you must know about Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

If you have decided to take a Dubai desert safari or one of the Dubai city tour packages, you may like to stop off for a little break at the Ferrari World located in Abu Dhabi-there is a lot of fun to be had! It has to be one of the most thrilling and fun tourist attractions in the UAE.

Fast Track Rollercoasters

Formula Rossa may be one of the rides you must try, as long as you can take it fast, real fast! This is the fastest rollercoaster in the world! Speeds the thrill riders will find themselves hitting 0 to 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds; Height is also a big draw if you like your rides that bit nearer to the clouds, heights reach 52 metres high.

TurboTax Test Drive

TurboTax is another highlight of this park. Grab a seat as a Ferrari Test Driver as you experience a vertical way climb through the roof then end up back where you started via a zero-gravity fall!

If going upside down is your thing head over to Flying Aces. For this ride, you board a military bi-plane and scale 63 metres at a 51-degree incline. Be ready, this ride contains the world’s highest rollercoaster loop!

Rollercoasters are not the only type of ride to enjoy. Tyre Twist is good fun for the whole family where you sit in a giant tyre that can seat up to five people. These spins, they are like a motor themed version of the classic teacup theme park ride!

Play at Nello’s Adventureland

If you have children along for the rides do not worry, they are catered for too. Nello’s Adventureland is a sift adventure play area where kids can have non-stop fun of their own whilst you catch your breath from the fast-paced thrills of the rest of the park!

Now, the brilliance of this park is there are more than just super-fast rides on offer. You can also discover a great shopping area for official Ferrari branded products, eating establishments that offer pizza, grills and plenty of other mouth-watering possibilities!

Travel Unique Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World will also host special seasonal shows from time to time, so look out for them. Plus, the park also features unique shows, catering for both kids and adults, that as well as being an entertaining watch Ferrari World Abu Dhabi tickets that, they provide an insight into the history of Ferrari. Look on the official Ferrari World website to see event and showtimes.

Explore More in Themes Park

Ferrari World is one of the most fun and popular theme parks in the world and a visit is highly recommended. It is a good idea to have a look at the official site to see the latest ticket prices and park opening times. Another tip is to sign up to their newsletter, they often offer promotional discounts plus you’ll be the first to discover their latest events and any new rides that are added

If you do visit have a great time, and there is a great chance you’ll look forward to planning your next visit soon after as you need more than one day to enjoy everything Ferrari World has to offer!

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