This Man Claims That He Have Traveled Around TIME!
This Man Claims That He Have Traveled Around TIME!
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There are many people who wish the time travel was possible. so that they can go back in time to correct their mistakes. there are some people who wish that they could travel in time so that they can get a look at the future.

while there are some people who wish that time travel exists. there are other people whoΒ actually believe that it does exist. there are even some researchers who have claimed to have found evidence of time travel in the Bible in ancient Indian texts and in the writings of king Ravana.

This Man Claims That He Have Traveled Around TIME!

People who believe that they are capable of making time travel possible and this man claimed to have travelled to the year 2749. His name is Al Bielek and he claims that he spent six weeks in the year 2137 and two years in 2749.

He claims to have gone to many other points in time as well. there are some people that believe this story because some of the things that he claimed to have seen are already starting to happen now.

Bialik claims that he has a great deal of knowledge of the Montauk Project. it’s an alleged series of secret United States government projects that are conducted at Montauk Air Force Base in Long Island and mount hero. at these places, he says the researchers were developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research projects including time travel.

This man says he’s β€˜visited the 45th century in his time machine

The projects are said to date back to 1943 according to reports Neelix duties were to handle the operations of the mind-control program. He claims that while working with the group he went to Mars on several occasions he also claims he went back to the year 100,000 BC and also to the Year 60-37.

Who is Al Bielek?

He is a 57-year-old man who suffered from severe amnesia for years. when he began to get some of his memories back. he claims that he’s remembered several hidden passages of his life. to get these memories back. when he went through various therapies to unlock his memories. it is then that he realized he was working on the Montauk Air Force Station in the 70s and 80s.

This Man Claims That He Have Traveled Around TIME!
This Man Claims That He Have Traveled Around TIME!

according to his recently uncovered memories, he was born Edward Cameron and he worked on the project with his brother Duncan. he claims that in 1983 the group paid the two brothers to travel back in time to destroy equipment on the USS Eldridge since there were so many problems with it.

he claims that he and his brother completed their mission however an accident occurred and they both ended up in the Year 2137. where they spent six weeks in a hospital bed recovering from burns that they sustained when they came into contact with hyperspace.

Bielek claims that somehow after his treatment was complete he ended up travelling to the Year 2749. where he remained for two years. he says that in the year 2749. He woke up in a hospital room with very advanced surgical material and equipment. he claims the medical system of the future uses vibration and light treatments.

The Life of Al Bielek

The Incredible Story of Al Bielek

Al Bielek claims he has time-traveled


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