[Airplane-Mode] Why You Need To Switch off Mobile In AIRPLANE
[Airplane-Mode] Why You Need To Switch off Mobile In AIRPLANE
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Do you even know what is the proper use of AIRPLANE mode on our smartphones? Apart from mobiles, Now this feature is also available in Windows 10 desktops. So what the heck doe it do? Why is this feature available everywhere? To clear these kinda questions, Here we are up with this article.

[Airplane-Mode] Why You Need To Switch off Mobile In AEROPLANE

Also known as Offline Mode, Stand Alone Mode, and Flight Mode, Airplane mode is one of the system setting available in smartphones and modern desktops. So the time when you turn this on, From then all the transmission signals get disconnected from the device.

Which means that you cannot call or receive calls or SMS. Along with mobile network’s, Plethora other features of the device get disabled too. In which includes WIFI, Bluetooth etc. And these can be available when you turn them On manually.

[Airplane-Mode] Why You Need To Switch off Mobile In AIRPLANE
[Airplane-Mode] Why You Need To Switch off Mobile In AIRPLANE

The moment whenever you turn on Flight Mode on your device a Flight symbol is shown at the top right corner of your mobile screen. This means that flight mode on your device has been turned on.

Use Of Flight Mode

Likely to Bluetooth, wifi etc, With default our mobile scans the nearest telecom operator to grab the cellular network. At the time when your device is far away from networks then the inbuilt modems boost your device to grab the nearest network. This makes high interactions to make the low-metered networks available for the device.

So, When you are inside an airplane traveling to a specific place where no signals are available on the flight. Our mobile device starts searching for networks with high transmission signals.

The use of high transmission signals by your mobile interacts with the transmission signals of the airplane’s sensors and navigation system etc. Which results in creating problems and also in few scenarios leads to a flight crash.

So this is why warnings are given inside the airplane to put your mobile on flight mode or to turn it off. It’s not that if you do not turn your device off or turn on flight mode the plane might get crashed. It’s because most people forget to follow those precautions and where few cases arise which distracts pilots.

Finally, This was all about airplane mode and why you need to switch your device off while on an airplane. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog rexoxer for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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