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A Fine Glossary of Stock Market – Extremely Important for the Beginners

When referring to the stock market, we find that the stock market is a global indicator that is interconnected between different countries and currencies. Currently there are simple tools such as Upstox margin calculator to use, and made to invest in assets or to obtain benefits if you have the knowledge and experience. 

Glossary of financial terms

To start in the stock market, it is important that the investor has basic knowledge of the financial markets. And, of the stock market with the intention of becoming familiar with the technical language used between the issuers and institutions that participate in the sector

Action –are the fractions in which the share capital of a company is divided.

Stock market – it is a market to sell, and buy a wide variety of investment instruments such as stocks, bonds, certificates, debt securities, etc. 

Bonds –are debt securities that can be issued by a company or the State. 

Credit quality –the degree of payment capacity of the issuer to its creditors. 

Placement of securities –the sale of financial assets by an issuer through a stock exchange intermediary.

Derivative –are the financial instruments that are linked to an underlying or reference value. 

Issuers –companies that issue capital or debt securities.

Investment funds –t is a mechanism that contains various securities, and debt securities to diversify risks and returns.

Futures –it is a market in which contracts for the purchase or sale of services or products are made on a long-term date to agree on the present price.

Stock index –objective is to analyze the development of the stock market in a given time.

Stock –it is a number that reflects the evolution in time of the prices of securities, stocks, bonds, or government papers that are quoted in a market. 

Liquidation –it is a mechanism by which the securities are transferred to the securities accounts of a new owner after carrying out a securities trading transaction.

Money market – in this space are the suppliers, and claimants of short-term resources. The instruments of this market are characterized by their high level of security and low level of risk.

Public Offer –it is the initial placement of securities among the investing public through the Stock Exchange.

Term –is the period of time that elapses before the expiration of a debt security. It can go from one day to 30 years.

Yields –the profit that an investment produces. The returns are not only generated by the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

Risk –it is a vision of unexpected results in the future that can negatively affect the assets of an investor.

Interest rate –the percentage of return (for the investor) or cost (for the issuer), with respect to the capital committed by a debt instrument.

Market value –price of an investment instrument. This can be obtained from the quotes that appear in specialized publications.

Volatility –it is said to exist when there is an intensity of changes in the prices of an asset which causes a variability in the profitability of the price of the financial instrument.

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