Kidney Transplant in India

A Complete Guide for Kidney Transplant in India

Transplantation of organs can save the lives of many. However, the result and quality of life after the transplantation depends on the quality of surgery too. Organ transplants are famous in India in terms of quality, adding the number of years to experience after the surgery and also the lower cost of treatment. 

The surgeons in the country deals in various types of organ transplant that include:

  • Lung Transplant
  • Liver Transplant
  • Heart Transplant
  • Bone Marrow Transplant and 
  • Kidney Transplant.

If we talk specifically about the Kidney Transplant, India receives over 200,000 candidates for the procedure every year from different parts of the world.

Why is a Kidney Transplant Procedure Famous in India?

There is not one but several procedures that increase the demand for a kidney transplant in India. Some of the standard reasons include:


  • Availability of Number of Specialised Renal Institutes:


The country has not one, but over 20 top centres where the kidney transplant with over 90% success rate is performed. The higher number of hospitals and hospital beds for the patients allow the treatment of a maximum number of patients. The patient does not require to wait in long queues to avail the surgery.


  • Top Doctors With Years of Experience:


Kidney Transplant is one of the medical procedures in India, that is prevailing for more than 25 years. With years passing by the technology is improved and the doctors possess several years of experience. It helps in increasing the success rate of the surgery, and the chances of failure decrease to a great extent. 


  • Cost of Treatment:


When the starting cost of surgery in countries like the US and the UK is 75,000 dollars, one can avail the kidney transplantation in India at a minimum possible value of USD 13,000. Not only the cost of treatment but the other non-medical expenses in the country are also meagre. It includes food, lodging, travel and all others that you have to make during your medical trip.


  • Results of the Treatment:


In the end, we all are concerned about the end-results of the treatment. After the kidney transplant in India, over 90% of the patients add approximately 5 to 7 years to their life. 

If the patients receive treatment before the age of 30 years, then there are improved chances that the patient gets to live for a minimum span of 10 to 12 years of the transplant surgery.

None of the patients and the donors suffer through any significant health issues after the treatment. It is because the complete medical team is there to provide post-surgical care and help them to recover the complications if any.

Final Words:

The Total Cost of Kidney Transplant in India is approximately 40% less than in other countries, and also the success rate is very high. However, the results of the kidney transplant also depend on the patient. 

A patient needs to follow the instructions of the doctor after the surgery and make relevant changes in his lifestyle to avoid failure.

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