7 Best Career Consultant in Dubai

7 Best Career Consultant in Dubai – 2019 Review

7 Best Career Consultant in Dubai

  • Careerjet – Careerjet is also one of the best career consultants in Dubai which helps in offering quality jobs for deserving students of Middle East Job Market. This is because they have a considerable network of clients across the globe. Their job vacancies are always listed in their service locations such as Dubai, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi.
  • ProEd World – ProEd world is one of the best career consultants from Dubai. This consultant helps students in high school and of class 9 and 10. This consultant offers several test programs such as Pre University Preparations, application services, career assessment programs to determine the ability, strengths, and weaknesses of each student and then help instructs those students to select institutes and universities on their interests according to their strengths and weaknesses and performance in those assessment programs.

Apart from these, ProEd World has lots of connections to top universities such as oxford universities, Harvard etc and so this consultant can be trusted.

  • Hays –Being founded in 2005, Hays has reputable clientele across the Middle East with approx 28 partner countries offering worldwide talents and qualities to local employers. Hays charges a sufficient amount of money from students to provide job placements. Another thing is that these jobs are quality jobs. As some of the fake consultancies do not provide jobs based on students merits and qualifications having a deserving salary.
  • NADIA –This is also one of the career consultants in Dubai. Being established in 1983, NADIA has over 30 years of experience in offering quality consultancy to its clients. The reason being, NADIA always focus on training their consultancy team to always keep them updated with the latest global and local market trends so as to serve their better than previous services. It also has a large database of the extensive clientele of universities which also has several years of experience in serving students with quality opportunities.
  • BAC Middle East –BAC Middle East is one of the oldest recruitment agencies which was established in 1979 to provide professional recruitment services to top-level companies and students of high school who are looking for admissions in top universities and institutions.
  • Charterhouse –Charterhouse from the Middle East is one of the talent accession business and is offering services to their clients for the last ten years. Charterhouse has been in this industry for a long time and offered services in different sectors such as accounting and finance, banking and financial services, construction, HR, IT, legal, management consultancy, marketing, professionals support, real estate, retail, and hospitality etc.
  • Michael Page –The team of Michael Page consultants has expertise in providing successful placements to students and employees in disparate time positions such as on permanent basis, temporary basis or part-time positions in diverse sectors in Dubai.

This website of this company is a useful center for students and candidates who are applying for jobs with detailed job search tools which allow candidates to narrow their job search based on their expertise, areas of interests, locations, type of institutions and type of employment as well as with expected salary.

  • Bayt –Bayt is a kind of career counseling platforms which helps in getting quality jobs to deserving students and professionals based on their merits, qualifications, and performance. This consultant has a large number of vacancies out there which helps in getting placed to a large number of students at a time. In this, jobs are listed by expertise based on their locations. For those who are job seekers, they can register themselves on the site for free and after registration, they can search for job opportunities according to their performance and interests.
  • Karan Gupta Consulting –This is one of the most amazing career consultants in Dubai. Karan Gupta from Dubai not only focuses on career counseling but also offers graduation admissions abroad, helps in building a high profile, providing consulting to schools and universities, undergraduate admissions abroad, MBA admissions abroad, visa counseling, high schools abroad etc. The application process is very easy and the amount of fees is also very affordable which won’t be an issue for any students.

Apart from these, those candidates who are job seekers can also take advantage of this service. He has a great network of several institutions or universities and also several high profile companies.

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