5 Reasons Why Micro-Niche Blogs Are More Scalable

So you have decided to start blogging! It’s one heck of a bumpy ride & it’s not as fresh as it once used to be & Google will not be swayed by tricks as it once used to be, a lot has changed over the years.

Back in the day, nobody used to decide on the blogging niche before getting started, it used to be more like a blank canvas spill whichever color you like; the end result will still make sense to you.

Multi-Niche blog was a thing of the past, Today, however; Multi-Niche blogs are the least scalable Google is ranking domain based on factors like expertise on the niche & authoritativeness.

How would Google determine your expertise if you are a blog is categorized into Technology, Lifestyle, Fashion, Make Money Online, Self-help & whatnot.

You may gain ranking by chance, people can’t even refer your blog by it’s branded keywords.

The answer is MICRO NICHE

In order to succeed at blogging in 2019, you need to go Micro Micro!!

Even a single niche blog is becoming a thing of the past, a single niche is already cluttered by established bloggers who have put out a lot of content already.

For Technology Niche there is TheVerge, Techcrunch, Gizmodo & Mashable you starting your own Technology blog is potentially facing competition against these titans there’s no way you can best them in this war; it feels like a war against a needle & Tank.

In order to go Micro in Technology Niche, you could start your content blog exclusively focused on IoT (Internet Of Things) Google will actually rank your domain in search results for IoT related queries or Just IOT being the search query depending upon your blog’s SEO & available content on your website.

Let’s take a look at the reasons as to why you should start blogging in Micro Niche

1. Easy to establish expertise:

Google recently introduced E-A-T Framework according to which it will now rank websites. The acronym stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness.

Let’s say you have expertise in cooking Chocolate Fudges everyone in social also knows about it, now you starting a blog upon the same niche “Chocolate Fudges” will help you establish expertise effortlessly, you can leverage author profile bio as a tool which clearly showcases your social profiles & a tiny description that indicates your passion towards cooking chocolate fudges that is more than enough to establish your expertise in this micro-niche.

2. Easy to network with bloggers:

Being a Micro Niche blogger it will really really be easy to network with bloggers within the community as well related communities because it’s easy being identified in a micro niche than Multi-Niche. 

Being a Micro Niche Blogger you can leverage platforms like Instagram & Medium to network with bloggers. With Instagram, you can create a unique feed that highlights content about the micro-niche you have picked. Take Futurism, for example, they are tech bloggers who are into gadgets, hence their Instagram feed shows all the gadgets they recommend.

Using Medium you can publish content in the publication that serves your micro niche’s purpose & vision.

3. Natural Link Building

Natural Link Building isn’t exclusively to Micro-Niche bloggers obviously, but it comes easily and effortlessly to Micro-Niche Blogger than Multi-Niche.

Start a Micro Niche blog put out at least 50 pieces of long-form content within 3 Months wait another 6 months & soon you will rank 1st page search result; if content is good then you will even qualify for featured snippet, when people write about what your pillar content is already ranking for it becomes rather obvious that they will link your pillar content in their blog, there is no other link building method as good as Natural Link Building.

From there the traffic will only surge higher your domain is only gonna get authoritative. 

4. Micro Niche Blogs are made to crush Affiliate sales

Gaining people’s trust to buy a product that you recommend isn’t as easy as it looks, people won’t buy it if you aren’t expertised about the product which you are trying to hard sell.

But people will believe referrals by Micro-Niche blogs beyond a shadow of a doubt, because Micro Niche blogs are built upon that very foundation & have already exhibited knowledge about it. People purchase decisions for purchasing a DSLR Camera will be influenced by ImprovePhotography.com because they have built that kind of tribe & gained people’s trust.

5. Brand Endorsements

Did someone say Brand Endorsements? Yes, that’s right! 

Micro-Niche blogs can easily score brand endorsements by brands who have launched products catering exclusively to the niche of your blog.

Because let’s face it, whose word will you take for when buying a Laptop gear?

The word by a Tech Blog or the word by Laptop gear review Blog??

The second one right? Which is why brands would likely approach a micro-niche blog for endorsement to reach the laser targeted audience.

So, there you have it 5 compelling reasons why you should go with a Micro-Niche blog in 2019 and beyond!

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