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Are you considering parathyroid surgery to cure your hyperthyroidism? Then you must take a wise decision while choosing among the best surgeons for parathyroid surgery, Texas. It does not mean that any right surgeon can be an excellent parathyroid surgeon.

Do not rush while making this decision. Take a week to think about who are you going to allow to operate on you. Doctors who specialize in neck and endocrine surgeries are a great candidate for you. Always remember to ask the following questions to the prospective surgeon. If his or her answers do not match with yours, then it is time to consider another surgeon:

1. How many patients do you operate on in a week?

Parathyroid surgery is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is immensely hard, and one needs to be very much experienced to complete this operation. If the doctor says he or she operates on five or more patients per week, then, he is a good option for you.

Because only those who have a loss of experience in this field could be one of the best surgeons for parathyroid surgery. You should consider the surgeon only if he does at least three parathyroid surgery per week, anything less is not an impressive profile for a doctor.

2. Are you going to assess all four of my parathyroid glands during the procedure?

A surgeon with less experience will be reluctant to search for each of your parathyroid glands. But an experienced surgeon knows how much it is essential to assess every gland. Since you might have one detected tumor in one of the glands. But there is a chance that other tumors are also developing in the rest of the glands. Assessment of all the glands is essential for your well-being. If one does not agree to the above, then consider another surgeon.

3. If the surgeon says yes to the previous question, ask him or her how much time does he or she need for the assessment?

Ideally, a surgeon should not take more than thirty minutes to assess all the glands. But the glands are the size of an almond or some even smaller. So, it is incredibly tough to find all in thirty minutes. But one of the best surgeons for parathyroid surgery Texas should not take more than one hour at most. If any doctor says it would take him or her more than two hours to assess all the glands, then consider someone else for this job.

4. Do you use intraoperative PTH measurement to declare that I am cured?

Your ideal answer would be no because an experienced surgeon would not need a tool to declare if you are cured or not. PHT measurement tool indicates if the PHT level is less than fifty per cent in your blood after the surgery. It only shows in case of the removal of the bad gland.

But what if other parathyroid glands are also affected, then the tool will not indicate that at all.  You should avoid a surgeon who blindly trusts the PHT measurement tool at all costs.

Parathyroid surgery is already a stressful event that is going to happen in your life. Do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong surgeon for you just because he or she can fit you in their schedule. Question them to determine who is right among the best surgeons for parathyroid surgery for you.


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