Used Truck Tires

3 Things to Consider Before Buying the Used Truck Tires

Truck Tires are the most significant components as they connect trucks & trailers to the road pavement allowing drivers to steer safely on diverse terrains. But buying used truck tires, keep these things in mind.

Since the truck tires play an essential role in vehicle operation, it can be beneficial for drivers to understand how to prevent wear & tear. If you take good care of your truck & its components, obviously the vehicle is going to take care of you. 

And if you’re planning to buy a set of used tires just to save money, it doesn’t mean that you’re giving a less productive product unless you’re buying from a suspicious source. To make a smart purchase, it’s imperative to consider a few important things before buying used truck tires. So let’s dive in;

Make a Checklist

Before heading to the tire shop, it’s good to make a checklist. Honestly, the checklist is essential for buying used truck tires. Missing even one thing may lead you to end up with truck tires you can’t use. Keep in mind that those used truck tires can be underinflated, overloaded and damaged. So whenever you’re ready to buy used truck tires, check each part that can affect the performance and also put the safety on a question mark. 

Checking the used truck tires for malfunctions will ensure that you don’t end up buying the defective piece that you can’t use. If everything is checked and you didn’t find any fault, it’s obviously the right thing to invest in. 

Check the Manufacturing Date

Obviously, how can you miss the tire’s real age? So when you check the tires, just look at the date of manufacturing. The 4-digits mentioned on the tire can easily check it. The first 2-numbers are the representing the week and the last 2 represent the year. For example, the numbers are 1816 means that the tire was manufactured on the 18th week of 2016. 

As per experts’ recommendations, don’t buy tires older than 5-years as they may be vulnerable to cracks & defects. This is one of the most important things that must be checked on used truck tires as the FMCSA regulations are also recommending on time tire changing in order to increase the safety on the road.

Buy Retread Tires

When it comes to buying used tires, most of you are concerned about the tread depth. For that, another great alternative would be to invest in the retreaded or remanufactured tires. These truck tires are used ones that were remanufactured by applying a new layer on the surface of used tires. The material being used by the service centers is 20% as compared to manufacturing an entirely new tire. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s can be a great good option as the price is significantly lower than buying new truck tires and you get the checked & inspected tire.

In case you plan to invest in retreads dunlop commercial tyres, make sure you get it from the accredited and certified shop as the used truck tires with a new retread layer are inspected to fit the high safety standards ensuring optimal performance as well as safety on the roads.

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