100% Free Computer Software’s and Apps 😎
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Softwares play a crucial role in our operating system. As there are trillions of tools and applications meant for the different purpose. Most of these are under a trial or paid. Here we share with you a few among that software which helps you in a different path.

Here we bring you free computer software and applications. Most of the might get frustrated with trials and huge price for a software. But there are thousands of opensource software and applications which provide the best features than compared to paid one.

100% Free Computer Software’s and Apps 😎

Free and best useful software are discussed here. The listed software help you solve most of the problems which you deal with your computer. One can customize and tweak up their computer with the below-mentioned software tools.

Folder Locker

Most of us want to hide some personal data from the kids or others in the family. At those situations many stores that data inside C Disk. This might not solve your problem 100% and might get revealed when someone searched for other files using the windows search feature.

In those similar cases, All we can do is to lock that specific folder which contains our personal data. Anvi Folder Locker a free software can help you hide all your personal data, files, and other sensitive content.

How To Use Anvi Folder Locker

Step1 Go ahead to this safe link and download and install Anvi Folder Locker to your windows computer. Download Anvi Folder Locker.

Step2 Upon your first launch, The app requests you to set a master password. Make sure to choose a unique password and remember it. Then enter your email ID and complete the setup process.

Step3 To lock a folder you need to click on Add Button and then select the folder which you want to lock. Then choose the type of protection mode.

Then select Password and choose to use default or create a new one. Default password here refers to the password which you set at the first launch of the application.

Step4 After the setup process you get a notification saying that Items Protected. Noe open the folder and insert the password.

Remember, Whenever you close the folder which is password protected, Upon exit ensure to relock the folder with the help of popup notification.

WPS Office

WPS office is the perfect alternative to MS office. Most of us use a trial version on Ms office and bother to afford a license. WPS office solves the issues and replaces it.

The software makes it easy to use Powerpoint, Word and etc tools freely.

Download WPS Office Free

Driver Errors

In our regular usage, Computers might not work properly in few cases. Where you’ve encountered with wireless device drivers and etc problems. Majority of these issues are based on drivers. Which means that when there is no proper update of drivers these issues rise up.

It’s now too easy to update and install all the missing drivers on your computer. Note, Even this is done free.

Driver Pack Solution updates and installs all the missing drivers on your computer. So once you installed this software on your computer go ahead and open it.

How To Use Driver Pack Solution

Step1 Download and install driver pack solution to your computer. Then wait until the Computer Configurations are scanned.

Step2 Upon next step, You need to click on Configure the computer automatically. This needs an working internet connection to update all the drivers.

Team Viewer

This is the perfect tool to share your desktop with other sitting far away on a different computer. With the help of team viewer, one can help other to solver plethora issues on a computer.

Most computer nerds, geeks, and hackers use this tools to work on different client systems.

Download TeamViewer

In the end, These were a few free software for windows computers. Hope you found this post useful. Make sure to follow our blog techFlout for more free software and tools. Do not forget to share your impressions in the comments section below.

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