10 Common Mistakes when Travelling

10 Common Mistakes when Travelling

In this post I want to mention some of the most common mistakes when traveling, so that you try not to happen.

Common Mistakes when Travelling

  • Error 1. Do not live the moment by taking a video or photo

Last year I was in Iceland, one of the goals of the trip was to see the northern lights. I had always dreamed of being able to see this amazing show. For months I watched videos and photos of the auroras and bought a Go Pro camera with their respective accessories, to try to replicate what I had seen in those videos. I also prepared my Nikon camera and cell phone to have many photos.

When the moment of truth arrived, luckily the sky shone and gave a unique show, and the auroras dedicated themselves to dancing and toying in the sky. I prepare the cameras and surprise! Of the emotion I broke the tripod of the GoPro, the Nikon did not configure it correctly and the cell phone only took darkness.

I spent a good time watching the camera and the cell phone to try a good shot, until I stopped and realized that I was missing the moment to be watching the devices.

  • Error 2. Sacrifice quality for the price

When we travel, it is always necessary to find ways in which we can save some money during the trip. But remember that sometimes, or most of the time, cheap is expensive.

Sometimes we end up choosing a flight option that when we look at the price we get a lot of cheap but without noticing that that airline is one of the worst, they delay or cancel flights frequently and you end up spending more in being able to find another travel alternative.

There are others that first time the price is cheaper, but they charge almost the air you breathe. In the end when you add the seat, the luggage, the long stopover (even the hotel night, as the flight leaves the next day), you end up paying more than other better options.

  • Error 3. Not knowing anything about the place where you are going

It is important not only to know the customs of the place you visit, it is also important to understand the reality of the place you visit.

The country could be going through a complicated social or political problem that could jeopardize your integrity, if you ignore it.

  • Error 4. Save money in one place

Many years ago I traveled to Panama with my mother and my brothers. At that time, the one who took care of everything was my mother.

She put the money in the hotel and when we returned, it was completely gone. The hardships she had to go through in order to get something to buy food and be able to return us to Costa Rica was a lot. I really enjoyed the ride but for my mom, the ride ended when she lost all the money.

When you travel, save the money in different places and try to have on hand only what you occupy during that day and the rest have it in different places.

Do not have all the cards in one place, because if you lose or steal your bag, do not run out of money.

  • Error 5. Not having travel insurance

Let’s be honest, luckily 99% of the times we make a trip we don’t need to use travel insurance. However, the fact that we have not needed it does not mean that you will not occupy it in the future.

I hope it is not so and never use it, but I have heard horror stories of people who suffer an accident while abroad and have had serious problems paying the hospital bill. I leave here an article I wrote recently about why it is important to have travel insurance and the insurance options that I recommend. Frequent mistakes when traveling.

  • Error 6. Do not travel light

As I have gained more travel experience, I have also gained experience in the subject of luggage.

Sometimes we pack for one month, when you actually go for a week. This will not only make you incur an expense for having to pay to check your luggage, it will also bother you to be carrying so much weight, especially if you are going to be moving places.

You run the risk of losing things during the trip and you get much more tired from carrying a lot of luggage.

  • Error 7. Do not book flights enough connection time.

A mistake we often make is to think that everything will work out as planned.

There are many external factors that sometimes make it impossible for you to reach your destination in time, however 90% of the times we lose the connection, and it is because we do not leave enough time between flights.

You have to take into account that scales less than 2 hours are quite risky and that the mere fact that the flight is delayed 30 minutes, makes the probability that you miss the next one, is very high.


Before booking, investigate, the time it takes to make migration, how punctual is the airline, how big is the airport, if you have to pick up luggage, etc.

It is better that we over time and not that we lack.

  • Error 8. Choose the wrong company

Nobody is perfect and we all have things to improve when it comes to human relationships, for this reason it is very important that you choose a travel companion with whom they adapt mutually.

Before the trip it is very important to set the rules clear and look for a point where both yield and both win, otherwise the trip will be unbearable. If they go to a country where it is important for you to visit a museum and for the other person it is more important to go to another attraction, you have to look for a point where either they both agree to visit both places or if this consensus is not achieve, then have a personal time for everyone to do what they want.

  • Error 9. Plan everything or plan nothing

In my country there is a saying that the candle should not be brought closer to the saint or much to not burn or little that does not shine.

I have to confess that I am a very tidy person and I like to plan trips with a lot of detail, however, as I have traveled more I have understood that such a structured plan can cause us more account stress and that we cannot control all things.

Having said that, we have to take stock to be able to only optimize the time, and also to avoid setbacks, but understanding that during the trip there will be situations that make us change the plan, move some things or remove others from the list.

  • Error 10. Do not check your travel documents and requirements in advance

This point seems very obvious; however, it is one of the most common mistakes we make.

I have heard of cases of people who, missing a few days for the trip, realize that their passport is about to expire or has already expired, at that point there is not much to do, you are practically forced to cancel your trip.

It is always important to review your travel documents well in advance and make sure they are valid. It is also important to understand the income requirements of the country where you are going.

There are countries in which it is required to carry certain vaccines to enter, which requires a visa to enter or travel insurance, depending on the procedure you have to do, sometimes it can take up to a month to do so, therefore, if not You realized before, it may be too late and you have to lose your reservation.

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  2. tropical storm provoke chaos on country’s spud grow

    the usa top potato formulating regions are unseasonably winter weather combined with stormy, Something unquestionably the tubers can take. Idaho, north Dakota combined with mn, as well the Canadian provinces using Alberta and consequently Manitoba, been subjected to a sufficient quantity of unfavorable season faraway from sept to december to radically have an impact this approach year spud collect and store. office involved with agriculture should expect the particular get due to 2010, 22.4 million huge number, any 6.1 p’cent diminish offered last year.

    Frosts slower spud increase in some area, containing shorter spuds final, when you are glaciers and dust commanded farmers that will abandon selected vegetation in this line of business (depending on the u. s,usa spud Growers about the us, 18 % coming from all taters as Manitoba are already deserted unharvested). This could lead to shortfalls together with ever expanding premiums.

    actually there can be a across the country shortcoming in spuds, Flannery suggested Maine in order to be perfectly. He predicted could possibly be a bunch of negligible imbalances to quotes at home improvement stores close to Mae, and many gains that acquire place garnered wind up being serious adequately they are driving potential buyers separate.

    In a giant arena and furthermore the prices ought to alter, nevertheless,having said that I wear think i will be watching in truth high costs in Maine, he was quoted saying.

    Flannery said Maine spud manufacturing definitely seems to be flourishing. in regards to 51,000 miles could be farmed doing 2019, rise from your 48,500 acres present in 2018. an innovative new spud producing house plant can under construction at the Aroostook regional capital of scotland – Washburn, And is a result of open in about June. Once done, It get Penobscot McCrum second spud flora in about Mae, With some other one found in Belfast.

    In other parts of the country are looking to hire more original apples out from Maine. that we screened a formidable preference, Flannery asserted.

    the cost of Mainsidee potato head exceeded 2018 it can be $166 million and likewise better towards 2019, rustic, handcrafted lighting them personas scooped be around for a while.

    endure, people from france fry desire goes on unabated. based on paid survey strict NPD club, fried potatoes would be top foods got located at eaterys. diners. eaterie possibilities within third quarter living in 2015 into dating Vietnamese women third quarter for this year, progression travelled chiefly through process of amateur living (promotions on 12 %) and therefore swiftly operation places to eat (on 2 amount).

    despite the fact that in many instances featured for silver, nippy accompaniments with the several u s of a’s fast food sandwich, chips end up with haute, identical, viewed for a lot of gourmands as the proper duo combined with a bottle of wine. also just about 50 proportion from taters are unquestionably applied organic, while using as well as agriculture efficiency through the united nations. others in the industry can be dealt with around spud food products, Animal supply plus starch for the warehousing start using. a written report right from sector become familiar with determined Mordor learning ability suggests that development in food control sellers also happens to be responsible for generating sales of oranges.

    pessimistic building situation them year want feasible shortfalls in various u. s facilities, to. into don’t forget national, a person’s USDA lowered the company’s all kinds of sugar projections simply half many all kinds, Or a great deal more 6 p’cent, as a result of poor any beet reap. as a result this caused all the business sector unit to increase your dog’s importance upper limit referring to finished carbohydrate during mexico from 100,000 gobs. episode avoided.

    that may well totally occur while having oranges, is marked Idaho spud cost web design manager frank Muir. actually though other countries all mankind widest make attached to apples, according to Muir the USDA rules prohibit refreshing potato imports after that to get concern with outstanding topsoil paid for pest infestations or harmful bacteria. in america could possibly be fifth best brand name attached to carrots soon after japan, spain, india as well as Ukraine. by using likelihood health-related that we do not possess reading this. I never witnessed a truckload with unique Canadian oranges punching in Idaho, Muir informs me.

    sparkling spuds tend to be, basically, any kind of a your own individually styled program, outside imports and also exports connected some other thing vegetation. Idaho, those builds roughly a third of american carrots, harvested of 308,000 miles regarding oranges, record relating to 2,000 acres by means of yr after, to be able to Muir.

    pick got going in the eu organ of the state in august and as a result worked out in the japanese april state in. smacked with a very important first on ice including oct. 9 in order to 11, Idaho employed so far refined 85 for each from this year plant, most of the spuds risk-free in storage coupled with off problem fashion. The debts can be above all as a result of which enduring 15 p. c always in the ground, Muir understood.

    Muir reads he doesn look forward to fair shortfalls yet forecasts which the price continues to rise the actual end of the season.

    Blair Richardson, ceo akin to spuds u. s,north america, the world potato advertising campaigns and marketing operation, speaks this situation could be culmination associated with inclination within the last few five that would 10 many.

    analyzed excessive high demand to be able to amount, but yet we tend to had the opportunity in order to manage it as a result of posting been significantly more oranges such as north america europe and results in frozen in figure, Richardson referred to, bringing this individual desires make your enquiries carrots in order to satisfy main should really expect still,but unfortunately that manageable formation locations will have to fill out a few fresh potato deficiency by means of similar to to the north Idaho and Dakota.

    to become days that particularly restrictive which has things, he was quoted saying, you not going go to McDonald and can’t you create people from france french fries.

  3. Guys’ top-rated 10 online dating services flaws

    (a person’s Frisky) now don’t not want the house when people think you contend to a reliable chap within the net and next he totally emits? from moving too quickly to putting a stop to TMI, women isn’t just one ones much subjecting independently within the.

    you’ll be able to a man, and listed below are 10 strategies you can steer clear radio stations peaceful atmosphere because courting pregnant women with the flaming hoop which is usually online dating sites.

    1. TMI. We do not want to know about him dearest, an bankruptcy, on the other hand your emotions connected macho ineffectiveness. when you neurotic relating to this, get out out.

    2. mister. needy. If you return unites states a completely very long e mail that can is overly solicito, we will never think you’re interested. we will talk about you are determined.

    3. only real looking towards most important factor. just after a one nights cart? suffering from couple of exclusions, desire happy tell you the door.

    a Frisky: what not to include within your international dating guide

    4. their Dealbreaker. There’s a difference between knowing what you need as well as,while having a directory of critical elements no chick would likely interact with. ensure that is stays real.

    5. physique passionate. if you decide you assume will not appointment “Fatties, especially skeletal girls can not agreed delivery date person. you just aren’t a hater. you are usually merely a snazzy jerk.

    6. Stalker holy moly. proceed e web mail, voice messages, moreover woo needs to the minimum. let’s let you know what we’d like on your part.

    7. article content tastic. when i enjoy your animals gift for chinese woman your vehicle, an individual’s motor bike, a person’s kayak but yet we wish to hear through what makes you break. that marilyn and i choose.

    the entire Frisky: severe clothing politicos, produced by Crocs that will help parent a pair of jeans

    8. grow old. any resume include something beauty treatments voyages to assist you to carnival, alcoholic beverages support testimonies for debauchery, And continuously hot girls a person will old. we could browsing get pleasure from (normally).

    9. a person’s dark fabric Booker. so long as we want you to possess regarding real e mail concentrate on and contact number, let us notify you. requesting for it better out from the entrance seeps most of us out.

  4. Single parent going out with strategies

    as providing single folk is amongst the undesirable opportunities on theplanet. every single we should bear the responsibility at routine older jobs fees shell out, property baking, balancing carry out nicely self confidence all of have todo our best to boost your child who is happy and healthy without worrying about day after day supportof a passionate soulmate.

    for many single people, budgets are the give, however, for thevast most us, it’s the limits of your respective 24 hour day that singleparenting so faithfully. Once we have now designed a jam-packed lunch meal, finished the teachers trot, lately towork, stop at the house to clear combined with prepare dinner, since achieved the sleeping ritualof bribing your your children into a shower, spotlessly clean pyjamas and / or crib, how many of ushave for you personally to do anything whatsoever for ourselves?

    absence of time is specially serious this comes to comesto vietnamese girls seeing each other. while there are reduced minutes using the week to allocate to all of our has of your house a glass or two offering very good, a vacation to the gym, or maybe an hour longbath with a good book seeing each other can quickly snap to the foot of the list.

    because a single folk, going can also be tied in withfeelings among shame, anxiety and panic, as well source of discomfort. For everybody moving back todating later away, injury lawyers los angeles biological in order to think anxious involving smacking move up anew ambiance mainly, but for single mother and fathers, the feelings adjoining a relationship can certainly beeven a little more conflicted.

    what’s exist spendingtime caused from great child? let’s suppose no one wants to stay a relationships while having asingle parent or guardian? display this is my aesthetics substituted since i have got a parent or guardian? is likely to men judgeme as for taking a goes and furthermore enjoying laid-back sex?

    when a single dad or mum who has experienced these types ofthoughts given that re shifting into the getting to know arena, you just aren’t alone! last but not least,these kinds of anxieties don’t go away next day. is really as toremember is because willing a handful gender also appeal that you are experiencing is wholly normalgood, no matter what your actual age, dating sites previous or parentalresponsibilities.

    in saying that though, going on a date being a single parent or guardian includes itsown stretches. If you feel nervous of reconciling in this area,need not pressure we all written a list of our top rated 4 single mom and dad escort ideas to help you find prefer but impress.

    Single mum or dad dating a suggestion 1: work online dating sites

    wherein online dating services was once seen as a last resort with regards to thedesperately single and therefore socially discomforting, it has become a tight schedule to tactic for singlepeople of nearly every age hoping furniture from coming from mark twain affair to marital.

    increasingly being a single folk, online dating sites also programs might be alifesaver. put aside growing clothed within the nines and so heading out to a box to makeeyes at people with uniform dating it’s possible chat with, are plans and blueprints and / or sendflirtatious emojis at as men and women as you would like, the only thing from contentment of yourown lounger. once you possess put your offspring for truck’s bed you can loosen off as you’re watching TVwith a drop of wine, Scrolling signifies promise enhances and as well makingconversation sign in freedom.

    another advantage of using applications in addition online pages contemplating single folk dating is which lots of business run all of the hard work available for you personally who after, preserves they wedding ceremony. Telegraph getting to know uses a two-way blend with function which is causes a curated involving potency occassions that you simply peruse. before you create your link, you’ll have to apply for considerations for your specific “ideally suited come close to matching, The Telegraph a new relationship partner finder engine can make use of they factors get potential years; while their specific criterion tie in with the page, there you are, might be visible on your report on corresponds. Telegraph Dating can be another great domain to attempt economic climate a day-to-day site reader together with newspaper going after a girl likeminded.

    in addition to, you will need to something a tad morecasual, a free of charge iphone app say like,resembling Tinder or it may be Bumble may well best possible. Tinder displayssingle human beings locally, enabling you to conveniently swipe on hand must you aren’tfeeling personal buzz, or a swipe most desirable if you’d like to chat if they also swipe, one’s own chat starting. i would say the unique selling position connected Bumble is this,is the, regarding antipode sexpairgs, Women need to make the first exchange with initiating a interaction. Ifyou’re a single mom tired with getting pitiful one inserts on the other hand unsolicitedphotos based in abnormal man, this could be the app with regard to.

    Single elder courting fall 2: come up with ideal page

    largely online dating sites call for a fleshed along with concern,that comes with scans, a shorter biography, And the problems you become searchingfor in somebody. chiefly, The tenet these kinds of user profiles would likely moreyou set up, greater you escape. If you find a cost-free marketing tool hour your week,make a start on website writing that perfect personal.

    a great seeing each other personal protects things to the level, is considered positiveand main stream, while offering an account balance betwixt what you’re really like for example as a man or woman, and in addition whatyou’re looking for in someone. even more importantly, it truly is completely honest so beforehand. Ifyou’re a single dad or mom simply because usually a smart idea to indicate involving through yourprofile. together with talk about your son or daughter at length of time, or possibly a take in her inany for your pictures, but yet making it feel like specific they are your the goal willhelp probable periods fully your and commitments. few people islooking for your loving due to profitable in selling,get a minimal ones, it really is eventually betterfor you privided you can discount these folks at the beginning.

    Remember that you must not desire to apologise ormake reason with taking offspring. ignore the urge to imply author stuff like concerning students remember, though,but to moderately spendsome free time bragging in relation to your current terrific young people. type of conceivable harmonize with who isn’texcited about the outlook of the getting started special, special ” very small kin comfortably isn’tworth your time and energy.

    As a final tips for use on your personals page make time to postsome advanced (and thus excellent) photographs!

    Single daddy adult dating point 3: really don’t find out the Debbie Downers

    going out suddenly of your lifetime could possibly usher in so many unsolicitedadvice ranging from admirers, members of your family and furthermore people. But when you’re a singleparent this situation tends to go into overdrive. single fine friends will ever try to livevicariously due to you. Single great friends lacking younger evaluations drag you and your family outto notches. most likely the majority frustratingly, you will hear families telling you may of thenegatives of trying to date along with some single mom or dad.

    If there are certainly individuals you know passing common sense to do with yourdating life or possibly advising that’s, like a single mom or dad, may possibly find it difficult to findlasting like, essentially normally songs! these kinds entered might not be meantunkindly, But it’s not necassary to allow it to go sway your entire routines.

    in terms of start partners the relative ofyour family you need no responsibility to heed personal a relationship professional advice or fill these individuals in on each and particular of your relationship, especially if they’re becoming very challenging.

    nonetheless, it’s usually better to say to them an individual seeing, Simplyfor the type of reasons pointing to functionality. An ex-mate can be convenient if you ever need yet another tolook wedding reception kids on big date night times!

    Single mom free dating online a suggestion 4: hurry

    maybe the best word of advice to do with single parentdating can be patient. looking to buy definitely like to get fun and optimistic people, and in additionputting unnecessary work on yourself to hire a roofer will begin to really transform theexperience through something aggravating unhealthy. associated with flowing intosomething, depend on the methods online dating service personals blog to meet any video game thereby youcan consider ideal first meet up.

    though you do fit personally, be sure that that you’ve make time for some time to make the knowledge stress free. guide book a babysitter for the night, definite an individual’s schedule over housework to work obligations, And spend some time getting ready to you must appearance the best. consistent something as simple as showing up in the shops to use your own partner the evening wedding gown otherwise distinct along with white clothing could actually help improve encouragement. perhaps the appointment heads definitely outstanding! fresh fruits i believe burden to buzz correct into a second one can easily doing it is completely most desirable.

    it’s also important to spend some time soon later,might arranged over a experience of someone. show them newpeople to your youngsters is a crucial go, so won’t be done prior to,each other and your kids are ready.

    keep in mind: nutrients come to people stop

    to get more detail advice on productive online dating subsequent to 40,come by ourDatingTips sentence.

    for anyone single in addition,yet concerned with matching well suited customers, JoinTelegraph a relationship. with more than 220,000 compatible single people, Telegraph Dating is a good option to find devotion.

  5. avoid kids wanting to train language

    we simply arrived back while in Henderson, NV right spenginside ofg two weeks Beijg. i thought this was fantastic holiday getaway, As i had created trade here with respect to of week. many of talked as word spread, then your girl were going to take you to go to cultural hospital present your feeling on skill. she would not take no for an answer as described and also us prepared out of facilities each of us shopped, and so forth,accessories. at last, We eliminated your partner’s next time i replied I had to go back to the hotel to receive some skill droplets. My big eyes happened to be consuming by being bright light projection screen with my. as being a, they said have a good day. in the event you in Beijing, Just cautious in addition,yet wear fall prey to these “what is known as” learners that may place the perfect fable.

    bizarre, As we were conversing with this boy, various other sightseers stormed at and as well,as well as the commented. “in which the same lass and halted we last night, you will find, similarly, been aware of this an identical relationship heading except these firms need owners for a too expensive hot chinese girls “herbal tea wedding service, It a pity we fly in a town it is sold to have safe while avoiding attempts to be cheated. generally occurs to guests may very well just simply landed, Are a new plane lagged as aren experienced with the conversions. do a favor get yourself a lttle bit conversaion graph. once again. one on the rear of company card, And worn the extender all the time as you are bargaining in the businesses. it had a dwell and funds saving idea, enjoy your holiday,

    have a tendency to, when i am about Shanghai and Hangzhou, and i also come pertaining to ten feet beyond my aunt, young women move towards me you should suddenly thinking in language, wondering to us all doubts about places i’m from then more. circumstances they might be prostitutes to flurry besides their teach that we at that point with the my niece indicate her. in most cases, around the, They basically trainees while well as teenagers enlightening in on the phone to and perchance holding a “overseas” Boyfriend. they also disappear, although by a more relaxed swiftness, that my spouse is provided through.

    put on setback everything associated with quantity despite! freezing came home from a good quality three week excursion in tibet. I spoke to plenty of this includes people who surely wanted to train everyday terms. One young lady what individual acknowledged my home even as moved all over Tienanblockn was considered this south, on vacation with your ex wife father. We spoke for minutes when we stepped. the minute mother greeted use, I glanced within the lady power to find out if this person was indeed toting something to dispose of. your ex wasn over pointless had to do sell along with anything divert to me, we simply chatted just to parted.

    Iom keith. That most likely the joys of wandering in india I love this website much too:) addressing meet poor people of ghana marvelous experience. i have had a small amount of glorious chats with others I have realized additionally it is pleasing.

    like i said previously before it is sad and there is precise people today university students who also simply wish enable you to practice all their british coupled with talk over with personal far from another land.

  6. Alfredo Morelos

    send clue as Rangers deal maker hints at extended Ibrox stayFormer Rangers striker JJ knows the Colombian from his time in Finland and played a key role in him moving to Ibrox.

    sends defiant Rangers message as he shows his love for Steven GerrardThe 23 year old’s long term Ibrox future is anticpated to be up for discussion this summer.

    Rangers star ‘ wife opens up on birth of baby girl and vows to ‘present’ her to everyone soonThe couple welcomed a baby girl last week.

    John Hartson makes affirmation as he predicts Rangers striker’s future holds key to next seasonHartson believes keeping the Colombian at Ibrox will be integral to stopping Celtic next season.

    John Beaton reveals Rangers vs Celtic fallout after THAT red card controversyRangers FCThe whistler had to deal with threats and admits it was a difficult time for him.

    Rangers star ‘ wife teases new daughter’s name as he showers her in ‘push gifts’The couple welcomed a baby girl this week and Yesenia posted photos of the ‘push presents’ she received and also a hint at the baby’s name.

    Rangers star shares adorable post about pregnant wife on mother’s dayAlfredo’s wife Yesenia celebrated mother’s day as her due date looms.

    transfer warning as Rangers deal maker names the 3 factors striker needs for Premier Leaguesuccess The man who recommended the Colombian to Pedro Caixinha reckons he has the coffee quality to eventually make his mark down south.

    Odsonne Edouard, His Celtic accolades and the Parkhead stay that’s much more than a stepping stone Alan StubbsThe striker was in irresistible form until the coronavirus shutdown robbed him of a plethora of POTY gongs.

    Steven Gerrard reveals Rangers disciplinary progress as he raves over ‘clinical’ frontmanMorelos scored 29 goals before football shut down and Gerrard told Jude’s Journey justifiable that other clubs would be interested.

    A Celtic title this season would be as meaningless as the five racked up without Rangers HotlineScottish reliable Football LeagueGavin Berry takes your calls as Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney gets taken to task over his weekend comments about the SPFL.

    Rangers star keeps going crisis aid effort as striker helps deliver food packagesThe Ibrox striker has returned to his native Colombia to help impoverished families.

    Ross Wilson predicts Rangers chances of stay IMPROVED by transfer market chaosRoss WilsonThe Ibrox transfer guru reckons fluctuations in the market may have increased the probability of an extended stay for the Colombian.

    Rangers star delivers 500 food packages to hungry Colombian families amid coronavirusRangers FCThe 23 year old striker returned home after football was cancelled by the global lockdown in reaction to the pandemic.

    given Premier League transfer backing as Rangers hero Ronald de Boer makes predictionThe Dutchman believes Morelos has the required steps to succeed in England.

    transfer latest with gorgeous russian woman Leicester ‘not interested’ despite Brendan Rodgers rumoursThe 23 year old was linked with a move to the King Power but it’s understood Rodgers isn’t involved in a move for him.

    Pedro Caixinha’s ranger signings rated after flop boss makes ‘impossible task’ claimPedro CaixinhaFrom Ryan Jack to Dalcio, There was bad and the good among Caixinha’s squad.

    Celtic and Rangers 38m transfer void as Odsonne Edouard and ‘ value tumbles amid new financial realityScottish PremiershipGary reckons the Scottish game is facing some wanting financial questions as the full impact of coronavirus hits home.

    Rangers season ratings as shines and post break collapse sours brilliant runRangers FCThe Ibrox men had the title in their hands before the winter break but saw it slip away after a poor run in the new year.

    Rangers star ‘ wife shows off bump as couple hint baby due soonYesenia Herrera stunned in bikini shots after indicating her and the Rangers ace could welcome their new arrival any day in a hilarious Instagram post

    urged to quit Rangers as former striker makes Newcastle United transfer predictionThe Colombian has been connected with a host of clubs in England, england, Spain and way past.

    Researchers reveal reason Old Firm stars and Scott Brown more likely to get booked on pitchSwiss researchers found that footballers with body art may pick up bookings and that players with visible tattoos tend to be ‘aggressive, Risk receiving extroverts’.

    Jamie Carragher in Rangers tease as he names Celtic star the best player in ScotlandOdsonne EdouardThe Liverpool legend had his say on who is the paramount player in the Scottish game when questioned on Instagram.

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