10 Common Mistakes when Travelling

10 Common Mistakes when Travelling

In this post I want to mention some of the most common mistakes when traveling, so that you try not to happen.

Common Mistakes when Travelling

  • Error 1. Do not live the moment by taking a video or photo

Last year I was in Iceland, one of the goals of the trip was to see the northern lights. I had always dreamed of being able to see this amazing show. For months I watched videos and photos of the auroras and bought a Go Pro camera with their respective accessories, to try to replicate what I had seen in those videos. I also prepared my Nikon camera and cell phone to have many photos.

When the moment of truth arrived, luckily the sky shone and gave a unique show, and the auroras dedicated themselves to dancing and toying in the sky. I prepare the cameras and surprise! Of the emotion I broke the tripod of the GoPro, the Nikon did not configure it correctly and the cell phone only took darkness.

I spent a good time watching the camera and the cell phone to try a good shot, until I stopped and realized that I was missing the moment to be watching the devices.

  • Error 2. Sacrifice quality for the price

When we travel, it is always necessary to find ways in which we can save some money during the trip. But remember that sometimes, or most of the time, cheap is expensive.

Sometimes we end up choosing a flight option that when we look at the price we get a lot of cheap but without noticing that that airline is one of the worst, they delay or cancel flights frequently and you end up spending more in being able to find another travel alternative.

There are others that first time the price is cheaper, but they charge almost the air you breathe. In the end when you add the seat, the luggage, the long stopover (even the hotel night, as the flight leaves the next day), you end up paying more than other better options.

  • Error 3. Not knowing anything about the place where you are going

It is important not only to know the customs of the place you visit, it is also important to understand the reality of the place you visit.

The country could be going through a complicated social or political problem that could jeopardize your integrity, if you ignore it.

  • Error 4. Save money in one place

Many years ago I traveled to Panama with my mother and my brothers. At that time, the one who took care of everything was my mother.

She put the money in the hotel and when we returned, it was completely gone. The hardships she had to go through in order to get something to buy food and be able to return us to Costa Rica was a lot. I really enjoyed the ride but for my mom, the ride ended when she lost all the money.

When you travel, save the money in different places and try to have on hand only what you occupy during that day and the rest have it in different places.

Do not have all the cards in one place, because if you lose or steal your bag, do not run out of money.

  • Error 5. Not having travel insurance

Let’s be honest, luckily 99% of the times we make a trip we don’t need to use travel insurance. However, the fact that we have not needed it does not mean that you will not occupy it in the future.

I hope it is not so and never use it, but I have heard horror stories of people who suffer an accident while abroad and have had serious problems paying the hospital bill. I leave here an article I wrote recently about why it is important to have travel insurance and the insurance options that I recommend. Frequent mistakes when traveling.

  • Error 6. Do not travel light

As I have gained more travel experience, I have also gained experience in the subject of luggage.

Sometimes we pack for one month, when you actually go for a week. This will not only make you incur an expense for having to pay to check your luggage, it will also bother you to be carrying so much weight, especially if you are going to be moving places.

You run the risk of losing things during the trip and you get much more tired from carrying a lot of luggage.

  • Error 7. Do not book flights enough connection time.

A mistake we often make is to think that everything will work out as planned.

There are many external factors that sometimes make it impossible for you to reach your destination in time, however 90% of the times we lose the connection, and it is because we do not leave enough time between flights.

You have to take into account that scales less than 2 hours are quite risky and that the mere fact that the flight is delayed 30 minutes, makes the probability that you miss the next one, is very high.


Before booking, investigate, the time it takes to make migration, how punctual is the airline, how big is the airport, if you have to pick up luggage, etc.

It is better that we over time and not that we lack.

  • Error 8. Choose the wrong company

Nobody is perfect and we all have things to improve when it comes to human relationships, for this reason it is very important that you choose a travel companion with whom they adapt mutually.

Before the trip it is very important to set the rules clear and look for a point where both yield and both win, otherwise the trip will be unbearable. If they go to a country where it is important for you to visit a museum and for the other person it is more important to go to another attraction, you have to look for a point where either they both agree to visit both places or if this consensus is not achieve, then have a personal time for everyone to do what they want.

  • Error 9. Plan everything or plan nothing

In my country there is a saying that the candle should not be brought closer to the saint or much to not burn or little that does not shine.

I have to confess that I am a very tidy person and I like to plan trips with a lot of detail, however, as I have traveled more I have understood that such a structured plan can cause us more account stress and that we cannot control all things.

Having said that, we have to take stock to be able to only optimize the time, and also to avoid setbacks, but understanding that during the trip there will be situations that make us change the plan, move some things or remove others from the list.

  • Error 10. Do not check your travel documents and requirements in advance

This point seems very obvious; however, it is one of the most common mistakes we make.

I have heard of cases of people who, missing a few days for the trip, realize that their passport is about to expire or has already expired, at that point there is not much to do, you are practically forced to cancel your trip.

It is always important to review your travel documents well in advance and make sure they are valid. It is also important to understand the income requirements of the country where you are going.

There are countries in which it is required to carry certain vaccines to enter, which requires a visa to enter or travel insurance, depending on the procedure you have to do, sometimes it can take up to a month to do so, therefore, if not You realized before, it may be too late and you have to lose your reservation.

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